Closed Nuclear Centres Programme (CNCP)

“Manufacture of basalt fibres and of composite materials reinforced with basalt fibres”

: The objective of this Project is the organization of manufacture of the continuous basalt fiber (CBF) and chopped fiber on its base and also manufacture and realization of the foam-fiber-concrete (FFC).

Project Number: CIS/10/0006/CNTR
Beginning/Completion date: 2009-2012
Project Manager: G. Abashidze
Funded: UK

“Organization of natural gas odorizer Manufacturing”

Abstract: The objective of the Project is to organize manufacturing of automated odorizer of natural gas (AONG) convincing significantly better parameters compared to existed odorizing systems.

Project Number: CIS/10/0005/CNTR
Beginning/Completion date: 2009-2011
Project Manager: N. Kekelidze
Funded: UK

Development of Industrial Technology and Fabrication of Bimetallic products by Explosion Welding”

Abstract: The goal of this project is the creation of high-efficiency technology for industrial production of bimetallic products.

Project Number: CIS/10/0004/CNTR
Beginning/Completion date: 2009-2011
Project Manager: E. Chagelishvili
Funded: UK

“Organization of Serial manufacture of New Design Rock Bolts”

Abstract: Main objectives of the presented project are:
– Preparation and arrangement of manufacture for industrial issue of anchors;
– Working-off optimal technological modes of manufacture of anchors for achievement of profitability of production in the second year after the commence of the Project.
By the end of the first year the issue of 2 thousand anchor sets for which at present is already the real demand (from Chiatura Ore Mining and Processing Enterprise).

Project Number
: CIS/10/0045/CNTR
Beginning/Completion date: 2009-2011
Project Manager: T. Akhvlediani
Funded: UK

Commercialization Sector of the Scientific & Technological Products at the Ilia Vekua Sukhumi Institute of Physics and Technology (SIPT)”

Abstract: The main task of the project is to create a Commercialization Unit of intellectual property of the Sukhumi Institute of Physics and Technology. The purpose of this Unit is to help commercialize scientific and technical innovations developed in the Institute, and to establish econo¬mically sustainable conditions by helping the SIPT specialists to carry out market research, choose appropriate strategies for entering the market, to prepare business-plans, and to improve knowledge and competence in business skills.

Project Number: CIS/10/0044/CNTR
Beginning/Completion date: 2009-2011
Project Manager: E.  Sanaia
Funded: UK

“ Establishment of English language club in SIPT”

Abstract: The main goal of the project is to establish the English Language Club for top and middle managers of SIPT in order to develop and enhance Business English Communications:
- Spoken English for business,
- Preparation of presentations,
- Negotiations with business partners.

Project Number: CIS/10/0003/CNTR
Beginning/Completion date: 2010-2012
Project Manager: T.  Gaprindashvili
Funded: UK

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