Science and technology Center in Ukraine (STCU)

Regular projects

“The Development of an Effective and Radiation Resistant Thermoelectric Elements    on the Basis of Boron Carbide (B4C) and Silicon - Germanium (SiGe) alloys“

The objective of the Project was to carry out R&D on production of high-temperature thermal cells made of boron carbide and silicon-germanium alloys that should be stable against radiation with high efficiency of direct conversion of nuclear reactor thermal energy into electric.
Project Number: Gr-20(j)
Beginning/Completion date: 2003-2005
Project Manager:  Shirokov B. M.
Sub-Manager from SIPT: Bokuchava G. V.
Funded: USA
Collaborators: Prof. Fernand D. S. Marquis, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, South Dakota, USA
Participating Institutes:
National Science Center – Kharkov Institute of Physics & Technology (NSC-KIPT) (Leading)
Sukhumi Institute of Physics & Technology (SIPT)

„ Small capacity Combined Wind Power Water Pumping Complex Prototype“

The objective of the Project was development and fabrication of the experimental sample of  small capacity combined power water pumping complex .
Project Number: Gr-54(j)
Beginning/Completion date: 2002-2004
Project Manager: Ushkin M. P.
Sub-Manager from SIPT: Chanturidze V. G.
Funded: USA, European Union
Participating Institutes:
"Yuzhnoye" State Design Office (Leading)
Sukhumi Institute of Physics and Technology

„ Development of Universal Software Module for Research of Damages Accumulation Kinetics in Materials“.

The primary intent of this project is the following:
1)Development of the new program module for:
•study of kinetics of damages accumulation in construction materials under conditions of joint effect of both creep and fatigue;
•forecasting of durability of various construction elements by way of direct solution of boundary-value problems of thermoviscoplasticity with the account for a material damage during effect of long-term thermocyclic loading;
•evaluation and forecasting of total and residual life of critical elements of construction;
2)Integration of designed program module into the world-wide well-known finite-element program complexes such as “ANSYS” or “NASTRAN”.
Project Number: Gr-75(j)
Beginning/Completion date: 2004
Project Manager: Pinyagin V. D.
Sub-Manager from SIPT: Kirtskhaliia V. G.
Funded: EU
-Prof. Andre Rolfo, French National Space Agency - CNES, France
-Prof. Jean Noel Bricout. French National Space Agency - CNES, France
-Prof. Uwe Apel, University of Applied Sciences, Germany,
-Prof. Ernst Hornung, Astrium Company, Germany
-Dr. Y.M. Lefevre, Astrium Company, France
-Prof. Liviu Librescu, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, USA
-Prof. Raouf A. Ibrahim, Wayne State University, USA
-Dr. W.F.Bozich, The Boeing Company, USA
Participating Institutes:
"Yuzhnoye" State Design Bureu (Leading)
S.Timoshenko Institute of Mechanics
Sukhumi Institute of Physics and Technology


„ Development and Research of High Effective Alloys of  Si-Ge System“

The goal of the Project is to develop crystal growing technology and thermal treatment techniques of homogeneous, pure and doped alloys of Si-Ge system for designing high-efficient thermal generators and various semiconductor devices.
Project Number: Gr-87(j)
Beginning/Completion date: 2005-2007
Project Manager: Darsavelidze G. Sh.
Funded: USA
Collaborators: Dr. Peter Novak, Founder and former Chief Executive Officer of Ener1 Inc. (NASDAQ: HEV).
Participating Institutes:
F. Tavadze Institute of Metallurgy and Material Science (Leading)
"Yuzhnoye" State Design Office of National Space Agency of Ukraine.

„ Analytical and Software representation of two-stage Algorithm of Guaranteed  Identification  for plants simulated by differential   equations“

This project means the elaboration of the new “two-stage” algorithm of identification (further the Identifier) intended to be used in the Automatic Control Systems (ACS) for industrial plants.
Project Number: Gr-133(j)
Beginning/Completion date: 2005-2007
Project Manager: V. I. Ivanenko
Sub-Manager from SIPT: G. B. Odisharia
Funded: USA
Prof. Serhiy Levkov, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, New Jersey Institute of Technology. Newark, USA
PhD, Serhiy Belikov. Veeco Metrology Group.  California, USA
Participating Institutes:
Georgian Research Institute "Avtomatmrezvi'' (Georgian RI "Automation & Industry")
Institute of the Applied Systems analysis (IASA), Ukraine

„ R&D Bulk Semiconductor Crystals and Epitaxial Structures in the Basis of Si-Ge Alloys“.

The goal of the Project is gaining and researching on bulk crystals of Si1-xGex (1015-1020cm-3) concentrations; developing and investigating epitaxial structures on the base of the grown crystals.
Project Number: 3997
Beginning/Completion date: 2008-2010
Project Manager: George Sh. Darsavelidze
Funded: EU
•Dr. Volf Leshchynsky, Maev Group, University of Windsor, Department of Physics, Canada.
•PhD Victor Buntar, Columbia Int. College. Canada,
Participating Institutes:
Sukhumi Institute of Physics & Technology (SIPT) (Leading)
National Science Center – Kharkov Institute of Physics & Technology (NSC-KIPT)

Partner Projects

“Development of Low-temperature electrochemical technology obtaining rigid    Aluminium coatings from molten salts”

The goal of presented project is the preparation of corrosion- and heat-resistant aluminum platings on metals bases (Fe, Ti, Nb, Mo) and aluminum platings of special-purpose on graphite, and current-conducting plastics from low-temperature (≈ 100ºС)  melt, determination of technological parameters.
Project Number: P 434
Beginning/Completion date: 2011-2012
Project Manager: Dr. Nodar  Gasviani
Funded: Canada, USA
Partners: Terry Collins, Kansas City Plant, Kansas City, USA

„ Radiation Modified Ion-Implanted Materials“

The basic objective of the proposed Project is to develop and study a new class of materials with substantially improved strength and friction parameters, based on molybdenum, niobium and heat-resistant steel controlled high flux ion implantation and duplex method which connects preliminary ion implantation and ion-beam assisted deposition technology.
Project Number: P466
Beginning/Completion date: 2012- 2014
Project Manager: Anzor  Guldamashvili
Funded: USA, GIPP
Partners: Ady Hershcovitch, Brookhaven National Laboratory, USA
Participating Institutes:
•Sukhumi Institute of Physics & Technology (SIPT) (Leading)
•National Science Center – Kharkov Institute of Physics & Technology (NSC-KIPT)

„ Development of SiGe Photovoltaic and Optoelectronic Devices“

The purpose of the presented project is to develop bulk monocrystals and heteroepitaxial structures of Si-Ge alloys with various contents. The project envisages obtaining p-types Si1-xGex (x≤0.03):B monocrystals by the Czochralski method and base on  them fabrication of Si-Ge heteroepitaxial structure from gas phase accounting increased demands on Si-Ge alloys for semiconducting tasks of instrument-making.
Project Number: P467
Beginning/Completion date: 2011-2013
Project Manager: George  Darsavelidze
Funded: USA, GIPP
Dr. Anwar Hossain, Brookhaven National Laboratory, New York, USA
Participating Institutes:
•Sukhumi Institute of Physics & Technology (SIPT) (Leading)
•National Science Center – Kharkov Institute of Physics & Technology (NSC-KIPT)

„ Targets for High Temperature Superconducting Films“

The project objectives are:
•Obtaining specimens of superconducting pre-curser material YBa2Cu3 alloys (for so-called YBCO films) by powdery metallurgic processes; preparing of sputtering targets with determined geometric size and development of an optimal technologic scheme for fabricating them;
•Establishment of physical-chemical characteristics of bimetal (Y-Cu-, Ba-Cu) and YBa2Cu3 alloys to be used in targets;
•Extension to alternative material, and specifically combining boron and magnesium to obtain Mg-B targets that are suitable for making MgB2 films.
Project Number: Р560
Beginning/Completion date: 2012-2013
Project Manager: Ekaterine  Sanaia
Funded: USA
Partners:Andre Anders, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA

STCU/GNSF Joint Projects

Processing of the Hightemperature Heliothermoelectrogenerator and Creation of the Signal Sample“

The goal of the Project is the creation of high temperature signal sample of heliothernmoelectrogenerator on the basis of Si-Ge system alloys.
Project Number: G-4655 /354
Beginning/Completion date: 2008-2010
Project Manager: K. Barbakadze
Funded: Canada
Collaborators: Dr. Volf Leshchynsky, Maev Group, University of Windsor, Department of Physics, Canada.
Participating Institutes:
•Ilia Vekua Sukhumi Institute of Physics and Technology (Leading)
•Ferdinand Tavadze Institute of Metallurgy and Materials Science

„ Fabrication of Si-Ge Nanostructure Alloys by Explosive-Compaction-Technology and Development of Energy-Efficient Thermoelectric Batteries on their Base“

The goal of the Project is to obtain high efficiency Si-Ge nanostructured thermoelectric alloys using explosive compaction technology and to develop thermoelectric batteries on their base with high efficiency of converting heat energy into electrical.
Project Number: G-4996/540
Beginning/Completion date: 2009-2011
Project Manager: Nikoloz  Chikhradze
Sub-Manager from SIPT: Guram V. Bokuchava
Funded: Canada
•Constantin Politis, University of Patras, School of Engineering, Engineering Science Department, Laboratory  of High -Tech Materials, Greece
•Hani Henein, University of Alberta, Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering, Advanced Materials and Processing Laboratory, Canada
Participating Institutes:
•G. Tsulukidze Mining Institute, Mininstry of Education and Sciences (Leading)
•Vekua Sukhumi Institute Physics and Technology

„ Obtaining and Investigation Y123 Type Ceramic Compositions Having High Temperature Superconducting Characteristics with Stable Structure“

The goal of the Project is elaboration and  research Y1-2-3 HTSC materials with a wide range of nano-inclusions BZO (0.1- 4wt.%) and development of compaction methods for maintaining nanocrystallity in bulk pieces.
Project Number: G-5251/09-03
Beginning/Completion date: 2010-2012
Project Manager: E. Sanaia
Funded: Canada, USA
•Prof. Milton Torikachvili, San Diego State University, California, USA
•Prof. LeBlanc Marcel, University of Ottawa, Department of Physics, Canada

"Graphene structure containing hybrid ceramic composites based on alumina"

Project foresees development of  obtaining technology of new powdery composites based on chemically modified graphene and aluminium oxide and ceramic products.  
Project Number: №04/03, 6212
Beginning/Completion date: 2016-2018
Project Manager: K.Barbakadze
Funded: SRNSF,  STCU
Collaborators: Fernand Marquis

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