Head of Laboratory: Ph.D.Chief researcher,  Avtandil Sichinava
Scientific Directions:
• Radiation Physics, Technology and Materials Science;
• Technology of semiconducting ion-implanted microprocessor-based  detectors of  ionizing radiation for National and Nuclear security;
• Technology of radiation-modified ion-implanted composite materials for the products with improved properties and functional.

 Computer modeling of radiation parameters of bombarding ions and particles;
 Obtaining polished patterns with minimum nanosizes, that meet the methodological requirements of irradiation technology and properties investigation;
 Processing radiation technologies of obtaining composite constructive materials and investigation methods of their physical-mechanical parameters.
 Determining and justifying the impact of radiation processes, nanophysical and nanophenomena on the properties of materials;
 Degradation modeling of the parameters of metal, semiconductor and dielectric materials and items created from them in the ionizing radiation field.

Staff :
Avtandil Sichinava - Ph.D.  Head of the laboratory, Chief researcher;
Yuri Nardaia -  Phys. Math. Sc. Doctor, Chief researcher;
Nodar Gapishvili -Doctor, Senior researcher;
Tsira Nebieridze -   Researcher;
Levan Gapishvili – Researcher;
Tornike Kimeridze  - Researcher;
Kakhaber Shamatava  - Researcher.