Head of laboratory: Dr. Karlo Barbakadze

Scientific Directions:
• Synthesis and research of thermoelectric SiGe alloys with small content  (1-10 at%) of germanium;
• Manufacture  and research of thermoelectric batteries and generators based on SiGe alloys;

 Preparation f ultrafine (60-70 nm) powders of thermoelectric SiGe alloys by joint milling of components: Si, Ge, P (B) .  Compacting powders in massive briquettes by vacuum pressing at 1325-1350⁰C temperature.  Cutting the briquettes into profiled samples and their thermal treatment at 1300-1350 ⁰C temperature.

 Investigating structures of SiGe alloys’ samples by metallographic and X-ray diffraction methods and thermoelectric characteristics (electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, and thermoelectric motive force) of samples by the stationary method in 25-900 ⁰C temperature interval.

 Developing and fabricating commutation plates of thermoelectric batteries’ hot and cold sides and electrical insulator nodes.  Developing and fabricating thermoelectric batteries and generators. Investigating their energetic characteristics in conditions of water cooling of cold-side and natural gas fuel heating of hot-side (Tc.=100⁰C, Th.=600-900 ⁰C).
Lab Employees:
Karlo Barbakadze  - Doctor, Head of Laboratory, Chief  Researcher
Zviad Mestvirishvili – Doctor, Senior Researcher
Irakli Tabatadze – Doctor,   Researcher
Aza Kutsia - Researcher
Zurab Isakadze - Researcher
Meri Barbakadze-  Engineer
Meri Rekhviashvili- Engineer
Kakha Keshelava-  Visiting Fellow