Head of Laboratory: PhD in chemistry, Natia Jalagonia


Scientific-technological  directions:

• Creating technologies of nanocomposites and ceramis;

• Electroconductive polymer mataerials and nanocomposites;

• Chemical methods for solving of ecological safety problems.


 Obtaining of composites from ultrafine alumina based on local resource and various organic and inorganic compounds using nanotechnological methods and its’ consolidation at high temperature to obtain ceramic materials. Researching of ceramic composite materials by structural-morphological, XRD, FTIR and metallographic methods. Determination of physical-mechanical properties (Microhardnes, crack resistance, flexural strength) of ceramic materials.

 Synthesis and researching of UV curable Polydimethylsiloxane. Obtaining and researching of improved nanocomposites with physical-mechanical and electro properties by doping of carbon nanostructures on thermosets and thermoplastic polymers.

 Creating of multifunctional complex sorbents and using for simultaneous removing of heavy metals, radionuclides and pollutants from water.



Natia Jalagonia – PhD in Chemistry, head of laboratory, senior researcher;

Tinatin Kuchukhidze - PhD in Chemistry, senior researcher;

Leila Kalatozishvili – PhD in chemistry, researcher;

Manana Mumladze – PhD, researcher;

Nino Darakhvelidze –PhD, researcher;

Tamar Archuadze - Engineer.